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Corn and Wheat for Sale

At Cornutt Farms we keep corn on our farm year round. The corn makes an excellent food source for deer, livestock, and poultry. Call or message us to pick-up. 

The price of corn and wheat may change during the year.


Shelled Corn 50 pound bag: $8.00

Cracked Corn 50 pound bag: $9.00

1 ton of corn in 50 pound bags: $300

We can fill your 55 gal drum for $50 a drum.


Wheat is a great source for dove, deer, and poultry feed. You may also use wheat to plant for green fields or for livestock purposes. There is a limited supply of wheat. Get yours while it last!

Wheat Prices:

50 pound bag: $8

1 ton of wheat in 50-pound bags: $300

Please call for bulk prices.

Call us at (256)572-6347 or (256)572-7280

Corn and Wheat Business Hours ONLY:

Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00

Saturday 9:00-2:00

Sunday- Closed


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